A number of factors determine how many children are likely to reside in a community, and luxury mixed-use developments are known to be less desirable for families.

Market and Main has considerably less two-bedroom units than other Bedford residential options. Only 40% of our units are two-bedroom, compared to 72% – 90% in nearby apartment complexes.

Also, three-bedroom units – which typically attract families – will NOT be offered at Market and Main.

Both the town and state have ratios to approximate the number of children that would reside in new housing.

The average number of children projected for Market and Main is 37 across all grades – 15 in the elementary grade level, 13 in middle school, and 9 in high school.

Because of our configuration, we firmly believe the number of children will be far less – in the range of 24 children – and well below other proposed residential projects.